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Qusanna Perez


Qusie Perez is a sophomore from Meriden, Connecticut. She is majoring in  Elementary Education here at The University of Connecticut. Her interests include singing, dancing, shopping, eating lots of ice cream, and spending time with friends and family. Qusie is excited to be a part of The UConn Chordials and grateful to be surrounded by such a talented group of girls!

Cayla Puglisi

President & Music Director

Cayla Puglisi is a fifth year from Southbury, Connecticut. She is studying Music Education through the five year IB/M program here at the University of Connecticut. Her hobbies include singing, shopping, watching movies, and being around friends and family. Her favorite season is summer because she loves warm weather and the outdoors most of all. She is excited to be given the opportunity to sing with the sweet, talented ladies of the Chordials!

Jamila Douglas

Vice President

Jamila Douglas is a junior from Westchester, New York. She is a Psychology major and a possible Sociology minor, but she is pretty multidecided! After UConn, she intends to eventually get a Ph.D to fulfill her dream of being a doctor (without going to med school!). Her hobbies include singing, acting, cooking, streaming television, and trying to make her friends laugh. Jamila has been singing in her high school’s vocal jazz group for years, and is so excited to join an a cappella group on campus, especially the Chordials!!


Kayla Landry

Assistant Music Director

Kayla Landry is a sophomore Speech Language and Hearing Sciences major from Mansfield, CT. Kayla has been singing her whole life but also enjoys shopping, netflix-ing, and playing with puppies of any kind! Kayla one day hopes to be a speech pathologist so that she can help people talk and sing as much as they would like. Kayla is so happy to call herself a UConn Chordial!

Paula - Dee Cameron

Paula-Dee Cameron is a vocalist. She stems from a musically influenced family background and has been singing from birth. She is a junior at the University of Connecticut and is majoring in Mathematics with a WGSS minor. She grew up going to church and has always sang in a church choir which is why she decided to take a step out of her comfort zone and join an acapella group. She absolutely loves the Chordials and feels as though they are very accepting and became family to her being that she was a transfer student. She also loves the color orange and is obsessed with learning different accents.

Kate Sabo

Kate Sabo is a junior from Wallingford, CT.  She is currently a SLHS major, hoping to eventually do her part in ameliorating the refugee crisis by working on language integration programs.  Singing and writing music are her greatest passions, so she is very excited to continue her musical career with the Chordials!  Outside of the Chordials, she loves to stay involved, serving as President of the Towers Hall Association, working on an internship with Course Hero, and teaching ESL.


Kate Stango

Kate Stango is a sophomore Political Science and Psychological Sciences double major. She works as a Coordinator for the Husky Ambassador Program on campus, and is a member of UConn Chamber Singers and Concert Choir, Page to Stage and Dramatic PAWS theater clubs, and UConn Against Gun Violence. Her hobbies include theater, political activism, and eating pineapple on pizza. She is super excited to be a part of the UConn Chordials and is so thrilled to sing with such a talented group of ladies!

Kayla Fuhst

Assistant Music Director 

Kayla Paige Fuhst is a Junior in the IB/M Music Education program here at the University of Connecticut. Originally from New York, Kayla took part in many musical theatre productions and was a part of the All Eastern Choir and NY All State choir. Aside from music, Kayla loves eating Mac & cheese and ice cream, playing with dogs, and hanging with friends and family. At UConn, she enjoys being a part of Collegium Musicum, Concert Choir, NAfME, ACDA, and of course UConn Chordiasl! Kayla is so excited to sing with such wonderful, talented ladies!

Katherine Simonetti


Katherine Simonetti is a sophomore from Shelton, Connecticut. She is an Economics major at the University of Connecticut with a possible communications minor. Katherine has been involved in all kinds of theatre and singing her whole life, as it is one of her biggest passions! Her other hobbies include binging TV series, makeup & shopping, and making as many friends as possible. She is so excited to be involved with such a talented group of strong women on campus and can’t wait to learn all the rep she can with the UConn Chordials! 


Elizabeth Cataldo 


Jessica Jones


Kelly Lunsford

Social Chair

Elizabeth is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut studying Nursing, originally from Monroe CT. Aside from singing, she is passionate about dance and is a member of UConn Kickline. Elizabeth Cataldo is a sophomore nursing major from Monroe, CT. Her interests include singing, dancing (on the UCONN kickline), writing and reading. She has been a part of choir and musicals her whole life and is so happy she can continue her musical experience in college. She loves being a part of the uconn chordials and can’t wait to see what the next 2 years have in store! is so excited to learn music alongside 13 of her best friends in The Chordials! 

Jessica Jones is a sophomore from Ellington, Connecticut on the track for the IB/M Music Education program. She has been singing her whole life, but her other hobbies include shopping & makeup, going on adventures, and hanging out with her close friends. Here at UConn, she is a member of the UConn Concert Choir and is a member of the Color Guard section in the University of Connecticut Marching Band. Jessica is excited to grow her love of music even more in the UConn Chordials with such a wonderful group of talented ladies!

Kelly Lunsford is a freshman from Glastonbury, Connecticut. She is a Psychological Sciences major with hopes to eventually concentrate in Sports Psychology. Besides singing, she enjoys playing soccer and basketball, cooking, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family. Kelly was involved in choir all throughout high school and is so excited to continue her singing career with such a talented group of ladies! She is very grateful to be given the opportunity to call herself a UConn Chordial!


Natalie Shclover

Grace Lawton is a sophomore from Madison, Connecticut. She is currently Undecided but plans on majoring on Digital Media and Design. She is very involved on campus and likes to keep busy. She is a member of Gamma Phi Beta, UConn Club Swim and UConn Odyssey Club!! In her free time she loves to watch Netflix, sing (obviously), hangout with her friends, spend money online shopping and eat food. She is so ecstatic to be apart of The Chordials and cannot wait to continue her singing career with the lovely and talented women in the Chordials.

Natalie Shclover is a freshman from Stamford, Connecticut. She is an ACES major on the Pre-Med track hoping to eventually concentrate on pediatric medicine and occupational therapy for children with disabilities. Apart from singing, she is often practicing her language skills, ranging from Russian to Hebrew and Spanish. Additionally, Natalie loves to spend time with her friends, re-watch every season on Friends on Netflix, and bake. Natalie grew up in a musical family and has been singing and playing the piano from an early age and can’t wait to continue her musical growth alongside the UConn Chordials!


Grace Lawton


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